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A list of these Surgical Gloves articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional Surgical Gloves, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • What causes disposable gloves to smell?


    General formal channels to buy disposable gloves, mostly odorless or slight rubber smell. But if the gloves are giving off a pungent smell, there are several possible causes:1. Excessive sulfur as a chemical additiveAdditives are added during the production process to protect the stability of the gl Read More
  • Medical staff must pay attention to the use of gloves!


    Be careful and change your gloves promptly! In some hospitals, the frequency of glove replacement is low. A pair of gloves can be used for one morning. There are cases of wearing gloves at work and taking them off after work. Some medical workers wear the same pair of gloves to touch specimens, Read More
  • Methods for sterilization and disinfection of medical gloves.(2)


    1. Sterilization principleEthylene oxide sterilization is one of the chemical sterilization methods. Ethylene oxide is a kind of broad spectrum sterilization agent, which uses the principle that it can react with carboxyl group (-COOH), amino group (-NH3) and hydroxyl group (-OH) on proteins on micr Read More
  • Methods for sterilization and disinfection of medical gloves.


    Ethylene oxide sterilization is one of the common disinfection methods for disposable medical gloves. This method is a mature process suitable for use in large-scale medical glove production.Ethylene oxide sterilization is a way to fumigate sterilized objects with ethylene oxide gas to achieve steri Read More
  • Sterile nitrile gloves blue


    Blue nitrile gloves minimize the discomfort of white gloves in the operating room, which can cause visual fatigue.However, gloves that can be used in the operating room must meet certain criteria. The properties of the gloves themselves are close to the sterility of latex gloves, where proximity ref Read More
  • USA ASTM Standard Compare to Other Country In Medical Gloves


    The following table compares USA ASTM standards to other countries' standards on medical and surgical gloves. Read More
  • Four Fundamental Matters You Need to Know About Medical Gloves


    Exam Gloves vs. Surgical Rubber Gloves; Non-Sterile vs. sterilized Gloves; Does Glove Color Issue?; Powder vs. Powder Free Gloves Read More
  • How to avoid breakage of medical gloves?


    Medical gloves can effectively isolate medical contamination and prevent cross-infection,it has now become a must-have item in hospitals.In clinical practice, especially in the presence of infection risks in the operation of the medical staff most worried about the damage and fracture of medical glo Read More
  • Why do disposable gloves have curling crimping?


    Although disposable gloves look ordinary, they are exquisite in every detail. For example, the "crimping" we are used to, it has a certain design intention.What's the crimping of disposable gloves for?Disposable gloves are impregnated with a hand mold, and rims are formed by rolling up the crimping Read More
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