Sterile nitrile gloves blue
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Sterile nitrile gloves blue

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    Blue nitrile gloves minimize the discomfort of white gloves in the operating room, which can cause visual fatigue.

    However, gloves that can be used in the operating room must meet certain criteria. The properties of the gloves themselves are close to the sterility of latex gloves, where proximity refers to the fit and wear resistance of the gloves. Puncture resistance can be close to latex gloves, nitrile gloves meet these requirements.

    Nitrile gloves can not only replace latex gloves, but even surpass latex gloves in the operating room. Blue nitrile gloves can change the doctor's color compatibility and improve safety. Nitrile gloves have anti-static and chemical resistance, which latex gloves cannot achieve. They are not as good as latex gloves in terms of wear and puncture resistance. Both gloves make up for each other's work.

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