Cleanroom purification gloves, made of high quality nitrile raw materials, 1000-class purification and 100-class purification, wrist extended 9 inches、12 inches、16 inches, touch screen without trace, powder and dust free, suitable for semiconductor manufacturing, microelectronics industry, pharmaceutical dispensing, etc.
Nitrile Examination Glove is a disposable device intended for medical purposes that are worn on the examiner’s hand to prevent contamination between the patient and examiner. GusiieGuard Nitrile Glove with modified and enhanced grip, which provides superior gripping properties without applying additional force. The gloves possess good tactile sense and non-slip qualities that are excellent for holding dry, wet and oily object. 
Latex examination gloves are the most widely used professional medical device, recognized by medical staff all over the world. Latex gloves offer best fitting experience and protection from harmful bacterial or liquids. It's made by 100% natural latex rubber, fully recyclable, ECO friendly.
Diamond Nitrile gloves are made with special technology and have the properties of puncture resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Provides excellent grip in dry, wet and oily conditions. The raised diamond texture of the glove is located on the surface of the palm and fingers, giving you a better grip experience and minimizing slippage. The design of this glove makes it fit perfectly to your hand, both comfortable and flexible.


We are devoted to the safe products and best service

FDA/CE Compliance

The medical disposable gloves in Gusiie all compliance with US and EU standard and held the documents for premarket.

Double Chlorined

The medical grade disposable gloves in Gusiie have been both online and offline chlorined, which brings excellent cleanliness and softness to the product. At the same time, it also avoids the problem of adhesion after the gloves suit box, making it extremely easy to wear.

Affordable Price

Gusiie is dedicated to selling high quality products at low prices, allowing people around the world to enjoy affordable disposable products.


We are not selling products but providing excellent solutions.
We have a medical glove range, a food multipurpose range, a chemical protection range, and different materials: nitrile rubber gloves, latex gloves, Vinyl gloves and TPE gloves to meet the needs and requirements of different companies. 
Our gloves have good barrier protection and high tactile sensitivity for handling chemotherapy drugs, patient care, clean rooms, cleanrooms, food processing plants and scientific laboratories, among other scenarios.


Through independent research and development, the company has developed disposable gloves in multiple materials, such as Nitrile-NBR, Nature Latex, Vinyl.
Gusiie Cleanroom Gloves
GSNBR12006C  12 inches
Class 100 Cleanroom Gloves
Class 1000 Cleanroom Gloves
GusiieGuard® Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves
GSNBR9001M  4Mil  9/12 inches
Omini-Protect® Medical Nitrile Gloves
GSNBR9005M  4/5Mil  9/12 inches
GusiieFlex® Nitrile Exam Gloves
GSNBR9002M  3Mil  9/12 inches
GusiieFlex® Nitrile Exam Gloves
GSNBR9004M  3Mil  9/12 inches
GusiieGuard® Latex Medical Exam Gloves
GSLATEX9001M  6Mil  9/12 inches
Omini-Protect® Medical Latex Gloves
GSLATEX9005MP/PF   6Mil  9/12 inches
GusiieFlex® Latex Exam Gloves
GSLATEX9002M  6Mil  9/12 inches
Gusiie Disposable Latex Exam Gloves
GSLATEX9004M  6Mil  9/12 inches
GusiieFlex® Individual Packing Medical Exam Gloves
GSLATEX9009MP/PF  6Mil  9 inches
Powder free
Omini-Protect® General-Purpose Nitrile Gloves
GSNBR9006  4/5Mil  9/12 inches
Gusiie Food Grade Latex Gloves
GSLATEX9002P/PF  6Mil  9/12 inches
Gusiie Food Grade Nitrile Gloves
GSNBR9002  3Mil  9/12 inches
Omini-Protect® Industrial Nitrile Gloves
GSNBR9003  6Mil  9/12 inches
Omini-Protect® Heavy-Duty Chemical Gloves
GSNBR9004C  6/8Mil  9/12 inches
GusiieFlex® Diamond Nitrile Gloves
GSNBR9005D  6Mil  9/12 inches
Gusiie Disposable Vinyl Gloves
GSVIN9001  3Mil  9/12 inches
Gusiie Diamond Industrial Long Nitrile Gloves
Gusiie Fully Degradable Gloves
GSFBG001  1.5Mil OEM 
Gusiie Long Sleeve TPE Gloves
GSTPE60001  60CM OEM
GSSUR001MP/PF   12inches
Sterilized Latex Gloves


We are not selling products but providing excellent solutions.
Being one of the most professional suppliers of protective gloves in China, we are devoted ourselves to the safe products and best service; Gusiie gloves promise: We are not only selling you the competitive products, but also pay more attention to the after-sale service. We are making progress everyday.
Donggguan Gusiie Protective Products Co. Ltd is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Our company has a modern factory, clean production workshop and standard laboratory.
We have a high-level professional scientific research and technical team. We have introduced a variety of advanced modern production equipment. With years of accumulated production technology experience, we continue to explore and innovate, develop new products that are close to the changes in the world, and try our best to meet the needs of customers.
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Nitrile cleanroom gloves are widely used in electronic factories, medical examinations, food industry, domestic labor, chemical industry, aquaculture, glass products, and scientific research. Nitrile is a kind of rubber, synthesized from acrylonitrile and butadiene. It can effectively protect agains

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At present, there are three main types of clean room gloves: Latex gloves: Latex gloves are mainly made from the natural latex juice of rubber trees and stabilizers through a specific process. Its cost is low, but the ESD performance is poor, the extractable ion content is high, and the prot

Being one of the most professional suppliers of disposable gloves in China, we are devoted ourselves to the safe products and best service.



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