What are the advantages of nitrile gloves compared to latex gloves?
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What are the advantages of nitrile gloves compared to latex gloves?

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    Both latex and nitrile gloves are well-known among medical and non-medical gloves. The main reason for fame is that these two gloves are practical and versatile. As anyone who has used medical gloves knows, latex and nitrile gloves are flexible and can do things that PVC and tpe gloves cannot. We still have latex gloves and nitrile gloves, then nitrile gloves by what can be with latex gloves? Now Tiancong Xiaobian to latex gloves and nitrile gloves to do a comprehensive comparison.

    Latex gloves are made of natural latex, elasticity is not only better than nitrile gloves, but also better than the elasticity of all disposable gloves. The elasticity of latex gloves is the top existence of all disposable gloves, without any chemical composition, good wear resistance, good puncture resistance, to say disadvantages, many people will happen to think of latex allergy in the first time, which is undeniable. But not everyone is allergic to latex gloves, just a very small number of people. Another disadvantage, latex gloves do not have the ability to prevent static electricity, which makes latex gloves in the precision electronic equipment industry lost its position. But that's about all latex gloves are bad for, and everything else is perfect.

    Nitrile gloves are not as elastic as latex gloves, but it can make up for the shortcomings of latex gloves, is made of chemical synthetic latex, does not contain natural proteins, will not occur allergy, anti-static property is also the leader in disposable gloves. This is why nitrile gloves are so competitive with latex gloves. Although the elasticity of nitrile gloves is not as good as that of latex gloves, it is only the second latex gloves. The elasticity of disposable gloves is also one of the advantages of nitrile gloves. The intention of nitrile glove makers was to come up with a product that would complement the shortcomings of latex. Now the production process of nitrile gloves is becoming more and more mature. In addition to the limitations of raw materials, the puncture resistance, wear resistance and alkaline resistance of nitrile gloves are also gradually increasing.

    These two gloves each have their own advantages, no weaker than each other, each complement the other's shortcomings. Choose different gloves for different needs.

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