I am allergic to latex. Do I have rubber gloves when I operate?
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I am allergic to latex. Do I have rubber gloves when I operate?

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    Some people think that allergies are far away from us, but in fact, it often appears in our daily life, for example, many times we feel like being bitten by a bug, redness, swelling and itching, or cough and diarrhea, inexplicably appear some symptoms, pay attention! You might be allergic!

    As long as we try to avoid contact with allergens, we can effectively avoid allergic reactions, but in the current stage of work and life, there are many occupations can not be completely free from allergens to work.

For medical workers, hand discomfort must be one of the most common phenomena in daily work. But statistically, all hand symptoms are not necessarily allergies, and can also be caused by contact dermatitis.

    So, which symptoms are allergies and which are contact dermatitis? What can we do to reduce allergies?

    Irritant contact dermatitis

    The main symptom is usually a mild rash or erythema on the skin of the hand, which in severe cases can be blistered, necrotic, or ulcerated.

    This is by far the most common hand symptom, but contact dermatitis is not caused by allergies. The main causes are improper use of gloves, exposure to other chemicals, repeated hand washing and drying, use of cleaners and disinfectants, or exposure to powder added to gloves.

    For this symptom, we should make sure that our hands are clean before wearing gloves. In the case of dry hands, we should choose suitable sized gloves to wear, and try to choose powder free gloves.

    Delayed onset allergy

    The main symptoms are eczema, which starts with a red rash or erythema, and in more severe cases may be watery, blisters or ulcers. Chronic phase will appear skin thickening, lichenization, and other symptoms and irritant dermatitis similar, but more irritant dermatitis itching.

    Acute hypersensitivity

    The allergy is usually short-lived, lasting minutes or hours. Mild reactions include redness of the skin, a rash or red rash, hives, or itching. In severe cases, respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, itchy throat and wheezing can occur. In a few very severe cases, shock can occur, which can be life-threatening.

    For "late onset" and "rapid onset" allergies, try using nitrile gloves to minimize the occurrence of allergies.

    However, it is important to pay special attention to treat allergy symptoms as soon as they occur and stop exposure to allergens until they are cured. Use effective methods to avoid exposure to allergens if allergic symptoms of glove use occur repeatedly.

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