Four points for attention in laboratory disposable gloves.
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Four points for attention in laboratory disposable gloves.

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    Lab disposable nitrile gloves also have a lot of caveats

    1. There are many drugs that often cause damage to disposable nitrile gloves made of some materials. If this is a dangerous drug, the degradation of disposable nitrile gloves will lead to human exposure to infectious substances. Drugs that may degrade and permeate disposable nitrile gloves include glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde, xylene, hypochlorite solutions, alcohol, oils, petroleum ointments, non-polymerized bone cement and many other disinfectants, fungicides and general chemicals, so it is best to wear double disposable nitrile gloves when encountering these drugs.

    2. If the adhesive tape sticks to the disposable nitrile gloves and is not easy to remove, it will also destroy the protective barrier of the disposable nitrile gloves. At this time, strong removal will tear the disposable nitrile gloves.

    3. Disposable nitrile gloves with three fingers can also affect the safety of use. Sharp objects, glass tubes, vacuum bottles, and metal instruments can slip, especially if disposable nitrile gloves get wet, increasing the risk that disposable nitrile gloves could be broken while treating patients, thus spreading the source of infection.      Disposable nitrile gloves can be used to grasp more firmly.

    4. Long nails and jewelry not only act as a "safe haven" for infection sources, but can also puncture disposable nitrile gloves. When wearing disposable nitrile gloves, you should routinely manicure your nails and remove jewelry. Artificial nails can cause a lot of trouble. Even after effective washing, it is not easy to wash away the fungus and bacteria that remain in the nails.

    The risk of daily cross infection in laboratory personnel can be reduced by the correct selection and use of disposable nitrile gloves. Many related factors should be noted, once the appropriate protective function of disposable nitrile gloves are selected, they should be stored properly and used with care. The increase of infection rate in biological laboratories is not only related to the breakdown of protective barriers of disposable nitrile gloves, but also the presence of dust, chemicals, cross-contact contamination and incorrect handling of disposable nitrile gloves. Proper choice and use of disposable nitrile gloves can reduce the stain rate.

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