Why do disposable gloves have curling crimping?
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Why do disposable gloves have curling crimping?

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    Although disposable gloves look ordinary, they are exquisite in every detail. For example, the "crimping" we are used to, it has a certain design intention.

    What's the crimping of disposable gloves for?

    Disposable gloves are impregnated with a hand mold, and rims are formed by rolling up the crimping of the wrist of the glove after it has been molded.The main function is to facilitate workers to remove gloves from the hand touch.In addition, the crimping of the glove is also called the pearl cuff, which is not only convenient for everyone to wear and take off the glove, but also can prevent the damage of the glove caused by excessive force when wearing, which saves time and effort.

    Therefore, the design of the pearl cuff of disposable gloves provides some convenience for producers and users.


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