What causes disposable gloves to smell?
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What causes disposable gloves to smell?

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    General formal channels to buy disposable gloves, mostly odorless or slight rubber smell. But if the gloves are giving off a pungent smell, there are several possible causes:

    1. Excessive sulfur as a chemical additive

    Additives are added during the production process to protect the stability of the gloves. Some additives (e.g., sulfur) give off a pungent odor, and gloves are cleaned to remove the odor before they leave the factory, but if the additives are excessive or not cleaned properly, the pungent odor will persist.

    2. Improper disposal after chlorine washing process

    Chlorine washing process is generally used for glove dusting. If it is not handled properly in the production process, chlorine molecules will remain. With the increase of time, chlorine molecules may gradually emit pungent odor.

    3. The storage environment is polluted

    Gloves are not recommended to be used since they are exposed to bacteria and odors in a noisy environment. Therefore, the pungent smell on the surface of gloves may not come from the gloves themselves. Therefore, the gloves you buy should be kept in a cool, dry environment, away from moisture or sun exposure.

    Through the taste of gloves can not only distinguish latex or nitrile (latex smell is relatively heavy nitrile), but also can distinguish the quality of the same material of gloves. So, when you receive gloves, you have to decide whether they smell like latex or pungent.

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