Methods for sterilization and disinfection of medical gloves.(2)
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Methods for sterilization and disinfection of medical gloves.(2)

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    1. Sterilization principle

    Ethylene oxide sterilization is one of the chemical sterilization methods. Ethylene oxide is a kind of broad spectrum sterilization agent, which uses the principle that it can react with carboxyl group (-COOH), amino group (-NH3) and hydroxyl group (-OH) on proteins on microorganisms to deactivate proteins and cause microbial death, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.


    After gamma ray irradiation, the chemical substance (DNA) of the microorganism on the object of sterilization will change and the cell activity will be lost, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. It is one of the radiation sterilization methods.


    2. Operation procedure

    Ethylene oxide sterilization includes a series of steps such as pretreatment, vacuum extraction, gas addition, gas action process and air exchange. The gamma-ray sterilization process consists of two parts: sterilization verification and irradiation process. Before the work starts, the sterilization environment, sterilization equipment and sterilization products in the sterilization process are confirmed in terms of operability, and the irradiation process can be carried out only after they are correct.


    3. Follow-up treatment of gloves

    After the ethylene oxide sterilization is complete, the gloves need to be left for a period of time until the gas dissipates before the subsequent process can be processed. After gamma ray sterilization, there is no need to wait and subsequent processing can be carried out immediately.


    These are the Halligan and labor protection network Xiaobian for you to provide about. Methods of sterilization and disinfection of Medical Gloves ” Content introduction, I hope to help you understand medical gloves! The use of medical gloves in hospitals, clinics and other fields is not only responsible for the medical staff themselves, but also responsible for patients, to reduce cross-infection between doctors and patients.

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