Methods for sterilization and disinfection of medical gloves.
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Methods for sterilization and disinfection of medical gloves.

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    Ethylene oxide sterilization is one of the common disinfection methods for disposable medical gloves. This method is a mature process suitable for use in large-scale medical glove production.

    Ethylene oxide sterilization is a way to fumigate sterilized objects with ethylene oxide gas to achieve sterilization effect. Typically, the ethylene oxide used for sterilization is a broad spectrum sterilizer. It can kill a variety of microorganisms at room temperature, including spores, mycobacterium tuberculosis, bacteria, viruses, fungi and so on.

    The principle is that through the alkylation reaction of this gas with sulfhydryl (-SH), amino (-NH2), hydroxyl (-Oh) and carboxylic (-Cooh) groups on protein molecules and imimine (-NH-) groups on nucleic acid molecules, microbial proteins lose their reactive groups and hinder the normal biochemical reaction and metabolism of proteins. Eventually the microorganisms die, thus achieving sterilization effect.

    The advantages of ethylene oxide sterilization are carried out at room temperature, strong bactericidal power, wide sterilization spectrum, and the damage to the articles is very slight. Therefore, at present, ethylene oxide sterilization is also a commonly used sterilization method in medical devices.

    Using this sterilization method on medical gloves will not have a significant impact on the protective effect of gloves, and can meet the corresponding sterilization standards, worthy of popularization.

    At present, there are mainly ethylene oxide sterilization and gamma ray sterilization in the production of disposable sterilization medical gloves. The purpose of these two sterilization methods is to kill the microorganisms on the gloves, so that it can reach a range, so that the gloves can play a sterile safety effect in use.

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