Medical staff must pay attention to the use of gloves!
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Medical staff must pay attention to the use of gloves!

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    Be careful and change your gloves promptly! In some hospitals, the frequency of glove replacement is low. A pair of gloves can be used for one morning. There are cases of wearing gloves at work and taking them off after work. Some medical workers wear the same pair of gloves to touch specimens, documents, pens, keyboards, desktops, elevator buttons and other public facilities. Blood collection nurses wear the same pair of gloves to collect blood from multiple patients. Note that these situations do not belong to the standard medical care operation, it is likely to cause cross infection between the medical care and patients, must standardize the medical care operation.

    1. as long as the diagnosis and treatment of different patients, all need to replace gloves;

    2. Gloves should be changed after contact with blood, body fluids, damaged skin and mucous membranes or after surgery;

    3. Gloves should be dedicated by special persons. A PE glove should not be placed in front of the operating table.

    4. take off the gloves can not be repeatedly taken off, contact with different environments to change the gloves;

    5. You can't make or receive calls while wearing gloves;

    6. Gloves should be replaced when they are damaged or suspected to be damaged.

    Only when medical workers are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing gloves, timely change the contaminated gloves, do not touch public goods at will, and develop good hand hygiene habits, can the biosafety level of the entire medical environment and self-protection ability be improved to ensure the safety of medical workers and patients.

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