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About Cleaning Room Gloves

  • What Are The Characteristics of Butylated Cleanroom Gloves?


    Nitrile cleanroom gloves are widely used in electronic factories, medical examinations, food industry, domestic labor, chemical industry, aquaculture, glass products, and scientific research. Nitrile is a kind of rubber, synthesized from acrylonitrile and butadiene. It can effectively protect agains Read More
  • Clean Room Environment: The Difference between Nitrile Gloves And Latex Gloves And How To Choose?


    Clean room environment: The difference between nitrile gloves and latex gloves and how to choose? Clean room is a kind of workplace with high cleanliness and strict environmental control, which is widely used in electronics, optics, medicine and other industries. In the clean room, the staff need to Read More
  • Dust-free Gloves Function


    Dust-free gloves function:The dust-free gloves are made of natural rubber and can prevent the fingertip from discharging during the production process. It can prevent the static electricity of the human body from damaging the product during the production process. Make the product in the production Read More
  • How long are the anti-chemical gloves valid? Service life of anti-chemical gloves


    Anti-chemical gloves are mainly used to effectively protect the hands when the workers are in contact with chemical solvents. They are widely used in the chemical industry, precision installation, printing and other operating environments. Anti-chemical gloves are also divided into many kinds. When Read More
  • Standard for use of disposable dust-free purifying nitrile gloves


    Electronic industry is a world-class big industry, electronic products in our life in every corner of all walks of life, the requirements for electronic technology industry is also increasingly high. Dust-free purification workshop is a necessary equipment for precision electronics factories, and di Read More
  • Why should the electronics industry choose antistatic gloves?


    The electrostatic voltage induced by the human body is usually above 2-4 kV, which is usually caused by the slight movement of the human body or the friction with the insulation. In other words, if the electrostatic potential we carry in our daily life comes into contact with semiconductor component Read More
  • How to choose the right clean room gloves?


    Choosing the right gloves can protect the product and the manufacturing environment while being economical and comfortable for the wearer. Generally speaking, the selection of clean gloves should refer to the following principles:1. First of all, the requirements of the production product and the pr Read More
  • What are the main types of clean room gloves?


    At present, there are three main types of clean room gloves: Latex gloves: Latex gloves are mainly made from the natural latex juice of rubber trees and stabilizers through a specific process. Its cost is low, but the ESD performance is poor, the extractable ion content is high, and the prot Read More
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