Standard for use of disposable dust-free purifying nitrile gloves
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Standard for use of disposable dust-free purifying nitrile gloves

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    Electronic industry is a world-class big industry, electronic products in our life in every corner of all walks of life, the requirements for electronic technology industry is also increasingly high. Dust-free purification workshop is a necessary equipment for precision electronics factories, and disposable dust-free nitrile gloves are also essential equipment. So what is the general standard of dust-free workshop in electronics factories? Gusiie introduces you to:


    Dust-free workshop purification standard:

    1. allowable number of dust particles (per cubic meter);

    2. The number of particles large or equal to 0.5 micron shall not exceed 3500,000, and the number of particles large or equal to 5 micron shall not exceed 20,000;

    3. allowable number of microorganisms;

    4. The number of planktonic bacteria shall not exceed 500 per cubic meter;

    5. The number of bacteria can not exceed 10 per petri dish.

    Pressure difference: the pressure difference of purification workshops with the same cleanliness level should be the same. For different cleanliness levels, the pressure difference between adjacent purification workshops should be ≥5Pa, and between purification workshop and non-purification workshop should be ≥10Pa.


   Features of dust-free nitrile gloves:

    1. 100% nitrile butadiene rubber, does not produce latex to human skin allergy problem;

    2. Superior puncture resistance, bacterial penetration resistance and chemical resistance;

    3. Durable wearing, pockmarked surface, more flexible operation, soft, comfortable wearing;

    4. Obtained European CE certification and American FDA certificate;

    5. Obtained the European Union EN-374 chemical resistance certification;

    6. non-toxic, harmless, tasteless. Selected formula, advanced technology, soft feel, comfortable, non-slip, flexible operation;

    7. suitable for medical examination, dental, first aid, nursing and other aspects;

    8. good protective performance, physical performance, better than latex gloves.

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