Why should the electronics industry choose antistatic gloves?
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Why should the electronics industry choose antistatic gloves?

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    The electrostatic voltage induced by the human body is usually above 2-4 kV, which is usually caused by the slight movement of the human body or the friction with the insulation. In other words, if the electrostatic potential we carry in our daily life comes into contact with semiconductor components, then almost all semiconductor components will be destroyed, and this danger exists in any work environment without electrostatic protection measures. The damage of static electricity to semiconductor components is not only reflected in the manufacturing process of electronic components, but also in the process of assembly and remote transmission of semiconductor components.

    1. Electrostatic damage to electronic components

    (1) Static electricity will absorb dust, change the impedance between the lines, affect the function and life of the product.

    (2) The insulation or conductor of the element is damaged by the electric field or current, so that the element cannot work or completely destroys the element.

    (3) Due to the heat generated by the instantaneous electric field or current, the element is damaged, although it can still work, but the life of the element has been damaged.


    2. Consequences of not preventing ESD

    (1) concealment: Because the electrostatic discharge voltage perceived by the human body is 2-3 kV, so even when the human body carries static electricity, the human itself may not be able to perceive it, but these electrostatic is enough to cause damage to the semiconductor components.

    (2) Latent: some electronic components are damaged by static electricity, the performance is not significantly decreased, but multiple cumulative discharge will cause internal damage to the device and form hidden trouble, and increase the sensitivity of the device to static electricity. There is no cure for the problems that have arisen.

    (3) Randomness: When will electronic components suffer electrostatic damage? So to speak, all processes from the moment a component is produced until it is damaged are threatened by static electricity, and the generation of these static electricity is also random. Since the generation and discharge of static electricity are instantaneous, it is extremely difficult to predict and protect.

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