How to choose the right clean room gloves?
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How to choose the right clean room gloves?

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    Choosing the right gloves can protect the product and the manufacturing environment while being economical and comfortable for the wearer. Generally speaking, the selection of clean gloves should refer to the following principles:

    1. First of all, the requirements of the production product and the production environment should be considered to select the corresponding cleanliness level of gloves. Gloves for Class10 and Class100 or lower are commercially available.

    2, according to the performance of gloves to choose gloves. According to different cleanroom grades and product requirements, some or all of the following items are tested:

FTIR test LPC test NVR test IC test ESD test

    3, from the physical characteristics of gloves to choose gloves, such as the length and thickness of gloves, elasticity, wearing convenience and flexibility, corrosion resistance, etc.

    4, Supplier's glove quality assurance and cost performance.


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