How long are the anti-chemical gloves valid? Service life of anti-chemical gloves
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How long are the anti-chemical gloves valid? Service life of anti-chemical gloves

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    Anti-chemical gloves are mainly used to effectively protect the hands when the workers are in contact with chemical solvents. They are widely used in the chemical industry, precision installation, printing and other operating environments. Anti-chemical gloves are also divided into many kinds. When we choose, we should determine which material to choose according to the chemical composition. When using, we should pay attention to whether the anti-chemical gloves can provide good protection. Those who cannot meet the protection needs should be replaced in time. Then how long can the anti-chemical gloves be used? How long is the service life of anti-chemical gloves?


    The length of the service life of antichemical gloves is mainly related to our specific use environment and use intensity. When the antichemical gloves are damaged or the inside of the gloves is contaminated by chemicals, we should immediately replace the gloves to avoid damage to the hands.

    We should wear them correctly when using them and keep them reasonably after use, so that the advantages of gloves can be brought into full play and their longer service life can be guaranteed.

    First of all, we can not use the same pair of gloves in different environments, which will greatly reduce the service life of gloves. Secondly, the size of the glove should be appropriate, not too tight, otherwise it will restrict the blood flow, easy to cause fatigue, also can not be too loose, so the use is not flexible, easy to cause off. In addition, gloves should always be checked for holes or broken, worn areas, especially between the fingers. To this end, we can inflate the anti-chemical gloves for inspection. Finally, when using antichemical gloves, we must pay attention to safety. We should not discard the contaminated gloves at will.

    When picking the gloves, we should also pay attention not to touch the harmful substances on the gloves to the skin or clothes, causing secondary pollution.

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