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  • Why do cleaners need to wear protective gloves?


    Why do cleaners need to wear protective gloves?During the epidemic period or not, cleaners must wear protective gloves to protect their hands, and at the same time can also protect others from being touched for the second time.But there must be a lot of people do not understand why the cleaning staf Read More
  • The dangers of repeated use of disposable gloves.


    First we see the name, disposable gloves is used once should be discarded, if the second application of gloves safety characteristics will be very affected, the last application of residual sweat dirt will have greater harm to the second application. Gloves are damaged, and their thickness can becom Read More
  • The difference between Vinyl gloves and latex gloves


    The difference is that Vinyl gloves are made from polyvinyl chloride while latex gloves are made from natural latex. Vinyl gloves tolerate more organic solvents than latex gloves; Latex gloves are more slip resistant than Vinyl gloves; As well as the applicable areas vary.Vinyl gloves and latex glov Read More
  • Why are nitrile gloves the first choice for medical gloves?


    Nitrile rubber is made of fine materials with high adhesion and softness, so the medical staff do not affect the fingertip touch, thus ensuring more efficient medical work. Read More
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