Why are nitrile gloves the first choice for medical gloves?
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Why are nitrile gloves the first choice for medical gloves?

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1 . Subtle contact

Nitrile gloves is made of fine NBR materials with high adhesion and softness, so the medical staff do not affect the fingertip touch, thus ensuring more efficient medical examination work.

2. Durability of use

Nitrile rubber material has excellent durability, chemical permeability and oil resistance, longer service life, can effectively and continuously protect frontline medical staff.

3. Strong protection

Nitrile rubber material has excellent tensile performance, medical nitrile rubber gloves are more puncture-resistant, more wear-resistant, more in the front line combat medical personnel wear every day, more effective to prevent virus infection.

Medical gloves can be divided into nitrile gloves, pvc gloves, and latex gloves according to the material.Nitrile rubber gloves are made from nitrile rubber.Nitrile rubber emulsion has excellent adhesion and durability, its elongation and excellent oil resistance.Gloves made of nitrile rubber have more obvious advantages in organic solvents and puncture resistance.Nitrile gloves are stronger and more breathable than pvc and latex gloves.In addition, because nitrile gloves do not contain protein, allergic people are not easy to have allergic reactions.

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