Why do cleaners need to wear protective gloves?
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Why do cleaners need to wear protective gloves?

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    During the epidemic period or not, cleaners must wear protective gloves to protect their hands, and at the same time can also protect others from being touched for the second time.But there must be a lot of people do not understand why the cleaning staff at work must wear disposable gloves? Which kind of protective gloves can protect the cleaner's hands faster? Today we will take you to see!


    Want to understand to have fluid of a few cleanness and go oily be soiled agent to contain the component of corrosion, if the hand encounters carelessly get word, cause skin to burn very likely, more serious word, can bring about more apparent skin harm likely very much.To better avoid direct contact with organic chemical cleansers, it is recommended to use disposable nitrile gloves, which have good corrosion resistance and are comfortable to wear and are not prone to skin irritation. Nitrile examination gloves are often used by cleaners.



    When cleaners clean special tools, if they want to use detergent and other strong cleaning objects, it is very easy to affect the protective layer of vegetable oil on the surface of the hand, which leads to the lack of protection of the skin.Time grows, hand skin can become more and more dry, exuvial, split wait. In order to better prevent the hands from becoming less and less smooth, use nitrile gloves to protect hands and make hands more delicate and smooth.


    When some cleaners are cleaning up the garbage on the ground, or cleaning up the waste in the gap, hands will inevitably stumble, or be sharp things scratched!If not properly treated, it is very easy to get a bacterial infection or cause tetanus. Therefore, when choosing protective gloves, be sure to use disposable gloves with puncture resistance characteristics.In addition, nitrile gloves have no protein, which is not easy to cause skin allergy and rash. Cleaners wearing nitrile gloves can also feel at ease in their work.



    It can be seen that the corrosion resistance and puncture resistance of disposable nitrile gloves are better, and there is no allergen, it is renewable when thrown in the dustbin, and there is no doubt that it is a good assistant in the work of the cleaner.


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