The dangers of repeated use of disposable gloves.
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The dangers of repeated use of disposable gloves.

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    First we see the name, disposable gloves is used once should be discarded, if the second application of gloves safety characteristics will be very affected, the last application of residual sweat dirt will have greater harm to the second application.


    Gloves are damaged, and their thickness can become soft over time, just like the brake skin of a car. Once the damage occurs, the protection of gloves is mostly in name only.


    Like field of medical care, cut hair field, oral cavity division, food industry, organic chemistry these, the job of above field must wear disposable gloves, if two times application can cause the case of cross infection very likely to produce. Cross infection refers to indirect infection caused by different ways between people. Generally, it refers to inflammation caused by pathogens, pathogenic bacteria, bacteria, ercariae and other pathogenic bacteria entering the human body. There are many ways of cross infection, such as airborne transmission, saliva transmission, blood transmission and so on. Once cross infection occurs, it is a severe blow to people's physical and mental health.

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