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How to choose gloves

If you want to know more about the How to choose gloves, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the How to choose gloves industry. More news about How to choose gloves, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more How to choose gloves information!
  • How to choose and use protective gloves correctly?


    1. According to the size of the hand We should choose suitable labor protection gloves according to the size of our hands. Gloves are too small, and it is very tight to wear the hands, which is not conducive to blood circulation in the hands. Gloves are too big, which makes them inflexible to Read More
  • Is it better to buy latex gloves or nitrile gloves?


    In today's glove market, both in medical gloves and non-medical gloves, latex gloves and nitrile gloves are relatively well-known. The main reason is that these two kinds of gloves have good applicability and common main uses. As anyone who has used medical gloves knows, latex and nitrile gloves are Read More
  • How to distinguish nitrile gloves with the naked eye?


    Nitrile gloves are related to product quality in terms of color uniformity, whether there are defects in the appearance of gloves, and the appearance of gloves. So what is a good glove product?First, you can trust gloves that are uniform in color and uniform in thickness. Because the uniform degree Read More
  • Should disposable gloves emphasize finger or palm thickness?


    Look at the use needs:1. For those who rely more on finger operation in actual use, the thickness of the finger tip of the glove should be given priority.The thinner the fingertips, the more flexible the gloves are. This standard is commonly used in medical disposable examination gloves, which are Read More
  • These are disposable gloves. What's different about nitrile gloves?


    For ordinary people, disposable gloves are likely to have no difference to them, material, thickness, tone and so on is not the same as no harm, in the case of use if it can have the role of protection. However, in fact, disposable gloves are not only for protection, it also needs to fully consi Read More
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