How to distinguish nitrile gloves with the naked eye?
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How to distinguish nitrile gloves with the naked eye?

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    Nitrile gloves are related to product quality in terms of color uniformity, whether there are defects in the appearance of gloves, and the appearance of gloves. So what is a good glove product?

    First, you can trust gloves that are uniform in color and uniform in thickness. Because the uniform degree of glove color and glove production process, equipment is related. Therefore, good quality products must not appear on the surface of obvious color depth, shade, but present a natural, uniform state.

    Secondly, products with no or fewer defects are of better quality. Although in the relevant standards, for the appearance of gloves, there are allowed a certain proportion of appearance defects, such as gloves with gelatinous, curling problems, stains, wrinkles, bubbles, etc. However, large brands such as GUSIIE nitrile gloves have a relatively strict quality control system to ensure that the quality control of the gloves is satisfactory.

    Finally, we should choose a smooth nitrile glove. Nitrile gloves tend to be more trustworthy if there are no or few creases on the surface, reflecting the quality of the product produced.

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