Should disposable gloves emphasize finger or palm thickness?
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Should disposable gloves emphasize finger or palm thickness?

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Look at the use needs:

1. For those who rely more on finger operation in actual use, the thickness of the finger tip of the glove should be given priority.

The thinner the fingertips, the more flexible the gloves are. This standard is commonly used in medical disposable examination gloves, which are suitable for dental, medical, tattoo, precision instrument operation and other uses.

Our inspectors measure the thickness of gloves in three areas: fingertips, palms and wrists, and also measure the weight of gloves in grams, which is usually used to measure the thickness of gloves.

2, if the actual use, more attention to grip strength, friction resistance, should give priority to the palm of the glove thickness. This standard is often used for non-medical disposable gloves, such as industrial disposable gloves.

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