How to choose and use protective gloves correctly?
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How to choose and use protective gloves correctly?

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    1. According to the size of the hand

    We should choose suitable labor protection gloves according to the size of our hands. Gloves are too small, and it is very tight to wear the hands, which is not conducive to blood circulation in the hands. Gloves are too big, which makes them inflexible to work and easy to fall off from the hands.

    2According to the working environment

    We should choose appropriate protective gloves according to our own working environment. If there are many oil substances in contact, we should choose gloves with good oil resistance. Mechanical processing work requires protective gloves with good wear resistance and cutting resistance.

    3. No damage

    No matter what kind of protective gloves you use, if the situation is broken, you should immediately replace it, or put other gauze gloves or leather gloves on it, to use.

    4. Rubber gloves

    If the gloves are made of synthetic rubber, the thickness of the palm part should be selected, and the thickness of the other parts should be uniform, and there should not be any damage, otherwise it can not continue to be used. And you don't want it to be in long-term contact with things like acids, or anything that sharp.

    5. Precautions

    No matter what kind of protective gloves are used, they should be checked regularly. If there is damage, corresponding measures should be taken. And in use should be sleeve mouth set into the mouth, to prevent accidents; After use, scrub the inside and outside dirt clean. After drying, sprinkle talcum powder and place smoothly to prevent damage. Do not put on the ground.

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