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  • In the food industry more people prefer to use nitrile gloves rather than disposable pvc gloves.


    Now many food industry reprocessing food will wear disposable gloves to protect the hands, but many like to use nitrile gloves, only a few will use disposable pvc gloves, this is why? Let's take a look!1. Low total cost: The total cost of nitrile gloves is lower than the total cost of PVC gloves, an Read More
  • Esd gloves describes the harm of static electricity to human body.


    Esd gloves describes the harm of static electricity to human body.Anti-static gloves tell you that electrostatic sensitive components and printed circuit boards in the production process of the process of this transfer and storage, must use anti-static feeding box, component box, turnover box, turno Read More
  • Are latex gloves poisonous?


    Latex gloves, also known as rubber gloves, latex is a natural material, obtained from the rubber tree SAP, natural latex is a biosynthetic product, due to different species, geology, climate and other related conditions, composition and colloid structure will often appear huge differences. In fresh Read More
  • How should choose the type of examination gloves?


    Which examination gloves should I choose?Rubber inspection gloves can be divided into:Individual pouches & suction boxes1,probable originThe examination gloves generally used in foreign countries are packed in drawable boxes, while in China, especially in the central and western regions, medical sta Read More
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