In the food industry more people prefer to use nitrile gloves rather than disposable pvc gloves.
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In the food industry more people prefer to use nitrile gloves rather than disposable pvc gloves.

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    Now many food industry reprocessing food will wear disposable gloves to protect the hands, but many like to use nitrile gloves, only a few will use disposable pvc gloves, this is why? Let's take a look!

    1. Low total cost: The total cost of nitrile gloves is lower than the total cost of PVC gloves, and the nitrile rubber material is more durable, tougher and has a longer service life. PVC gloves are not durable, do not break easily and do not fit. Nitrile gloves can be used for 3-4 hours in a food processing environment, while PVC gloves can only be used for 1 hour, or even less than 1 hour. PVC gloves are only suitable for short-term or one-off use, such as making sandwiches. Its frequency is 2-3 times that of nitrile gloves. Although the price of a single pair of PVC gloves is said to be cheaper than nitrile gloves, the actual total cost of nitrile gloves is lower according to the high frequency of replacement.

    2. Compare the food safety of blue nitrile gloves and transparent PVC gloves from the color aspect: the main reason for the use of blue nitrile gloves in food processing plants is that blue is easier to see than transparent. In the cutting process of fresh food, blue nitrile gloves are required for baking and processing meat. If fragments of transparent PVC gloves or latex gloves are found in food, it will have an impact on food safety.

    3. Flexibility and touch when processing food: Compared with PVC gloves, nitrile gloves have excellent flexibility and touch. Nitrile gloves are more convenient and can be flexibly completed for various food processing tasks. Unlike nitrile gloves, PVC gloves are looser, and nitrile gloves have a good touch. Compared with nitrile gloves, the use of PVC gloves will affect the work efficiency.

    4. Comparison of long-term food processing operations and fast food services: nitrile gloves are the most suitable gloves for long-term food processing. It is durable and has a long service life. Blue is an obvious color that is not easy to contaminate food. PVC gloves are only suitable for tasks such as making sandwiches, and the use time is about one hour. It is important to distinguish between these two uses in order to choose gloves of different materials to play their respective capabilities.

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