Esd gloves describes the harm of static electricity to human body.
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Esd gloves describes the harm of static electricity to human body.

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    Anti-static gloves tell you that electrostatic sensitive components and printed circuit boards in the production process of the process of this transfer and storage, must use anti-static feeding box, component box, turnover box, turnover tray, etc. To prevent the damage caused by static electricity accumulation. The finished products must be packed with antistatic shielding bags, bags, boxes, baskets, etc., to avoid electrostatic damage during transportation.

    In the production process of electronic products, the components and components of finished products often contact, separation and friction with equipment and tools and produce static electricity. It is necessary to use anti-static cushion, turnover car, maintenance kit, tools, work chair and so on, and through appropriate grounding, so that the static electricity quickly discharged.


    Friction electrification and human body electrostatic are two great hazard sources in electron, microelectronics industry, but not harm, produce electrostatic hazard lies in the accumulation of static electricity and the resulting electrostatic charge discharge, electrically charged objects, form a static electric field around its, will produce mechanical effects, discharge effect and static electric induction effect, must therefore be controlled.

    Due to the mechanical effect of static electricity, the floating dust particles in the air will be adsorbed to silicon wafers and other components, which seriously affects the quality of electronic products. Therefore, anti-static measures must be taken to purify the space. The walls, ceiling and floor of the purification room should be made of anti-static dust-free materials, and a series of electrostatic protection measures should be taken for the operators, workpieces and appliances. - ESD gloves

    In order to understand the situation of electrostatic power generation in the production process, to judge the influence degree of electrostatic in the production process, and to test the quality of electrostatic protective equipment and equipment, we need to measure electrostatic and related parameters

    Electrostatic measurement, mainly on the electrostatic voltage, material resistance, grounding resistance, electrostatic off period, electrostatic power, electrostatic eliminator elimination performance, cloth charge surface density measurement.

    Electrostatic protection work produces a system engineering, any link of omission or error, will lead to the failure of electrostatic protection work, must always prevent, everyone to prevent.

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