How should choose the type of examination gloves?
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How should choose the type of examination gloves?

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Rubber examination gloves according to the packing can be divided into:

Individual Bags & Pull Boxes

1,probable origin

   The examination gloves generally used in foreign countries are packed in Pull Boxes, while in China, especially in the central and western regions, medical staff prefer to use independent bags of sterilized examination gloves.Independent bagged sterilization inspection gloves is why can appear?

Using frequency less

   Earlier, glove knowledge was incomplete and gloves were only used occasionally in specific circumstances, so boxed inspection gloves took too long to be used and were vulnerable to contamination.

Environmental impact big

   The wind and sand are big, and the gloves in the unsealed box are easy to be polluted.

Habit preference

   Prefer bagging, think sterilization is more health   Without individual packaging

2. Main differences

                                 Pull Boxes

                               Individual Bags

                          No Separate packing

                              Separate packing

                         Extract the convenient

                            Access is not easy to

                   Without individual packaging

                       Ethylene oxide sterilization



Ethylene oxide sterilization equipment (EO STERILE) residue problems should pay attention to:

After long-term accumulation, ethylene oxide residues will produce occupational safety hazards, causing certain harm to human body.


Now, with the increasing awareness of infection control in hospitals, medical staff are using and changing examination gloves more frequently.

As long as the proper use of examination gloves, to keep the good habit of the disposable gloves, do a good job in hand hygiene before and after wearing, the choice smokes cartons or independent bags, a purely personal habits.

3, Use occasions

Q: Since individual bagged disposable rubber examination gloves are sterile can I use them for surgery?

A: No!

Examination gloves are manufactured to different standards than surgical gloves:

Surgical gloves should meet:

National standards disposable medical rubber examination gloves GB 10213-2006

National standard disposable sterilized rubber surgical gloves GB 7543-2006

Surgical gloves not only have more stringent requirements on sizewater permeability and tensile properties than examination gloves, but also require double packaging, which is resistant to bacteria.


Independent examination gloves are also the sterilization bags, but simple packaging (packing quality and packing method, etc.), easy to damage when using, can't fully guarantee aseptic gloves.

Surgical gloves need to go deep into the human body for long-term and more delicate operations, so the quality requirements for surgical gloves are also stricter.


Being one of the most professional suppliers of disposable gloves in China, we are devoted ourselves to the safe products and best service.



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