Why use sulphur-free finger covers?
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Why use sulphur-free finger covers?

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    Sulfur free finger cover is a special type of finger protection device, about the introduction of sulfur free finger cover:

    Material selection: Finger covers are usually made of sulfur-free materials, such as latex, rubber, polyester fiber, etc. These materials are manufactured without adding vulcanizing agents to ensure that the finger covers do not contain sulfur elements.

    Non-sensitive: Sulphur-free finger covers are suitable for those who are allergic to sulphur or sensitive to sulfur-containing substances. They can reduce the risk of allergic reactions, allowing individuals who are allergic to sulfides to also use finger covers for work or other activities.

    High purity requirements: Sulphur-free purified finger covers usually have high purity requirements in the manufacturing process. A series of control measures are taken to ensure that materials and production processes are vulcanization-free to avoid any potential sulfur contamination.

    Multi-functional applications: Sulphur-free finger covers are suitable for a variety of applications, including electronics manufacturing, laboratory research, medical device operation, and more. The sulphur-free feature enables the finger sleeve to be used in sulphur-sensitive environments while providing finger protection and operational flexibility.

    Dust-free performance: Sulphur-free dust-free finger covers usually also have dust-free characteristics, suitable for applications that require a clean environment. They can be used in electronic assembly, semiconductor manufacturing, precision instrument operation, etc., to prevent dust and particles from entering the work area.

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