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  • Why use sulphur-free finger covers?


    Sulfur free finger cover is a special type of finger protection device, about the introduction of sulfur free finger cover:Material selection: Finger covers are usually made of sulfur-free materials, such as latex, rubber, polyester fiber, etc. These materials are manufactured without adding vulcani Read More
  • Are nitrile finger covers anti-static?


    Nitrile finger covers can be anti-static, but not all nitrile finger covers have this feature. Anti-static finger covers are usually achieved by adding special antistatic agents to the material or using materials such as conductive fibers.Anti-static finger cover is a kind of hand protection equipme Read More
  • The advantages of using nitrile finger sleeve. (2)


    Nitrile finger covers are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for those with latex allergies. Latex allergies can be serious and in some cases life-threatening. Nitrile finger covers are a safe and effective alternative for individuals unable to wear latex gloves or finger covers.Overall, nitrile fing Read More
  • The advantages of using nitrile finger sleeve.


    The advantages of using nitrile finger sleeve.In many industries, workers handle small or fragile items that require high precision.However, wearing gloves may not always be the most practical solution, as they can be bulky and limit flexibility. In these cases, nitrile finger covers can provide an Read More
  • The purpose of Finger cot.


    Ordinary life finger cot1. Wear it when picking colored vegetables such as purple moss, hedgerows and nepeta to prevent hands from being stained by vegetable juice; When peeling peanuts, edamame and other food with shells, to prevent the hand from being worn out, wear;2. Wear it in the bath after fi Read More
  • Finger cot, get to know !


    Finger Cots, get to know !Finger cots,also known as finger gloves ,used to set the single finger refers to the above, is a kind of widely used in medical, industrial, protective equipment life.AdvantagesCompared with traditional gloves, its advantage is the flexibility of operation, as well as on th Read More
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