Finger cot, get to know !
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Finger cot, get to know !

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  Finger cot,also known as finger gloves ,used to set the single finger refers to the above, is a kind of widely used in medical, industrial, protective equipment life.


   Compared with traditional gloves, its advantage is the flexibility of operation, as well as on the single refers to damage when it is more convenient to replace.


   Most varieties finger cot can be fastened tightly to the finger, and by the finger at the bottom of the thicker material with fixed in position.


   Finger cot are usually made of latex or polyurethane materials.


Industrial uses

   Now in industrial production, through the contact of different substances, separation or mutual friction,can produce electrostatic, electrostatic hazard is great.

Anti-static finger sets of hand area of the protective equipment is homework, which can avoid direct contact with electrostatic sensitive components, and can put security xie operators with human body electrostatic charges, prevent operators by hand at the sweat, dust, damage to the product, and also to prevent nails left scratches on products, also can prevent the fingertips wear by toxic substances.

Suitable for semiconductor industry,photoelectric industry for work wear.


Matters needing attention

   1、Avoid sharp object injury,such as needles, scissors, toothpicks, etc.

   2、Natural latex cots to avoid contact with oil-based lubricant, such as vaseline, baby oil, bath, massage oil, butter, etc, so as not to affect performance.

   3、Do not use the daily and industrial finger cot for medical and sexual intercourse.

    4、Finger cot used in medical and sexual life are limited to one-time use and shall not be reused.

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