What is the role of medical gloves?
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What is the role of medical gloves?

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1What is the role of medical gloves?

    The primary purpose of surgical gloves is sterilization: sterile, disposable use. It is mainly used for operation with high sterility requirement, such as operation, delivery, central catheterization, preparation of total parenteral nutrient solution, etc.


    Clean examination gloves: clean not-sterile, disposable. Use in direct or indirect contact with patients' blood, body fluids, secretions, excreta and objects visibly contaminated with body fluids.


    Housekeeping gloves: clean and reusable. It is mainly used for cleaning the environment surface without direct contact with the human body.



2Requirements for the use of medical gloves

    1, according to the needs of different operations, choose appropriate types and specifications of medical gloves;

    2. Wear clean examination gloves when touching blood, body fluids, secretions, excreta, vomit and contaminated objects of patients;

    3. Sterile medical gloves should be worn when performing aseptic operations such as surgery or contacting patients with damaged skin and mucous membranes;

    4. Disposable medical gloves should be used once and discarded immediately after use.


3、Precautions for use of medical gloves

    1. Medical gloves should be replaced between patients with different diagnosis, treatment and care.

    2. After the operation, remove the medical gloves and wash hands according to the prescribed procedures and methods. Wearing medical gloves cannot replace hand washing, and hand disinfection should be carried out if necessary.

    3. If the medical gloves are damaged during operation, they should be replaced in time.

    4. Contamination of sterile medical gloves should be prevented when wearing them.


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