Is thinner better for medical gloves?
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Is thinner better for medical gloves?

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    The reasons are twofold:

    1. The thinner the gloves, the smaller the hand restrictions, can play the skin perception, hand joint flexibility.

Especially for medical personnel who need to perform delicate operations and wear gloves for long periods of time, thin gloves can reduce operational errors.

    2. From the perspective of glove production, the process of thin gloves is more difficult and the technical value invested is higher.


    In my opinion, good medical gloves can not only provide protection, but also take care of the use experience: they are thin enough, sensitive to operate, skin friendly and breathable, high elastic fit hand type, and can block bacteria without being allergic.

    You can choose different gloves according to your own needs. Of course, Gusiie gloves can not only give your hands better protection, but also we can customize gloves according to your needs, so that they are the most suitable choice for you in terms of performance and comfort.


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