Hospitals or nitrile butadiene latex gloves gloves?
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Hospitals or nitrile butadiene latex gloves gloves?

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    It's not just one or two people who say nitrile gloves are the best alternative to latex. Many people who are new to nitrile gloves will agree. Empty words without evidence, talk must have a certain basis. Nitrile gloves have the ability to accept such compliments.

    Nitrile gloves are the main reason for latex gloves single color, reduced color compatibility. Colorful nitrile gloves change this drawback of latex gloves. Not only that, but nitrile gloves are 100 percent synthetic latex, allergen-free and non-allergenic, which solves the biggest problem with latex gloves. In the performance; It is also a disposable glove that is closest to latex gloves in elasticity, resilience, fit, wear resistance and puncture resistance, and it is better than latex gloves in chemical resistance.

    Nitrile gloves are available in hospitals for nitrile examination gloves and sterilized surgical gloves. The difference between the two is whether it is sterilized, which is used as surgical gloves in the operating room. Both may be referred to collectively as medical gloves.

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