Four safeguards for wearing gloves in the laboratory
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Four safeguards for wearing gloves in the laboratory

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 ● Avoid cross infection

In various tests, inspectors need to often contact with various substances or reagents, gloves can play an isolation and protection role, to avoid cross infection.

 ● Chemical resistance

In the laboratory, especially the chemical laboratory, many chemical reagents are corrosive to a certain extent, which will cause irritation and harm to the skin.

 ● Prevent lacerate

Many of the utensils in the inspection room are glass products. When assembling or disassembling glass instruments, it is easy to scratch hands if the utensils are damaged. Wear disposable puncture resistant to tearing gloves, can protect hands from scratch, avoid subsequent wound infection and other problems.

 ● Enhance catch grip strength

Glassware and most laboratory equipment have a smooth surface and are not easy to hold. Select a disposable pitted surface gloves can provide good grasp grip strength, prevent slip instrument,  causing unnecessary loss or personal injury.


Generally speaking, there are three main categories of hazards easily encountered by hands in chemical laboratories:

 ● Chemicals and skin irritants can cause damage to the hands when opened or used.

 ● The hand will stimulated by the use of substances of different temperatures.

 ● When assembling or disassembling glass instruments, breakage can cause cuts to the hands.



Essentials of laboratory gloves

 ● Pitted surface

Most of the utensils in the inspection room are glass products with smooth surfaces, which need to be handled with extra care. pitted surface gloves can be considered. pitted surface gloves can enhance the friction between the utensil  and gloves, make inspection personnel are more likely to grasp vessel, avoid unnecessary danger.

 ● Sterilization

For a checkout room with clean, no pollution, fine dust may affect the inspection process, resulting in inaccurate inspection results. It is necessary to choose sterilized gloves to reduce the production of bacteria, so that the test results are more accurate.

 ● Powder Free

Accurate inspection data comes from accurate inspection operation. As powder gloves are worn and removed in the air, the powder will be suspended in the air in the form of aerosol and contact the test object with the air, affecting the original chemical reaction. Therefore, powder free gloves are more suitable for the laboratory. When necessary, powder free and sterilized purification gloves should be selected.

 ● Chemical and corrosion resistant

When working in the laboratory, it is necessary to wear acid-alkali and corrosion-resistant gloves to avoid damage caused by chemical corrosion and harm to human body.

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