Can the chef chop vegetables with latex gloves?
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Can the chef chop vegetables with latex gloves?

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    There are a lot of questions about chefs can they use latex gloves to cut vegetables?

    We wear latex gloves for a variety of purposes, three from a food safety perspective:

    The first is hygiene. Wearing disposable latex gloves when cooking food can effectively prevent food from being contaminated in the cooking process;

    The second is anti-scalding. When we cook and process food in a microwave or oven, we will use special latex gloves to avoid burning the skin.

    The third is anti-slip and anti-cutting. For example, latex gloves for oysters can avoid cutting your hands with oyster shells or knives during operation; There are rubber gloves, latex gloves and so on in order to avoid hands being soaked in detergent water for a long time

    Latex gloves with different textures and functions mentioned above have been widely used in food cooking operations, but it is no wonder that none of them exist for the convenience of cutting vegetables. Anyone who has worn latex gloves knows that they should not be worn when performing delicate operations, especially chopping vegetables. This touch-intensive task will undoubtedly hamper operation and efficiency.

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