Are nitrile gloves toxic?
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Are nitrile gloves toxic?

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   Nitrile gloves now have a major level of influence in disposable gloves, not only as medical inspection gloves, in industry and even in our lives can see the figure of nitrile gloves, this time generally there will be some good observation people found that nitrile gloves are not only chemical synthetic latex and color is also a lot. So the mind will naturally have the idea that nitrile gloves will not be toxic, it is normal to have this technique, but a person who has a certain understanding of nitrile gloves will not exist these ideas.

    Nitrile gloves are not only used as medical examination gloves, but also have nitrile gloves in sterile gloves. Can such gloves be toxic? Medical examination gloves we won't talk about the importance of sterile gloves compared to everyone should know, in the hospital you do not have the opportunity to use sterile gloves, if one day you do use sterile gloves (if you are not a doctor), then you will probably be lying in the operating room.

    Nitrile gloves are rich in color not to look good, but nitrile is designed and produced in the place of a strip, is to change the single color of latex gloves and make doctors produce visual fatigue. The first nitrile gloves produced were blue. That's one of the reasons. Nitrile gloves are indeed 100% chemical synthetic latex, but chemical synthetic must be toxic? This is a myth, but nitrile gloves are not toxic because they are synthetic latex. On the other hand, nitrile gloves made of synthetic latex also solve the problem that natural latex gloves can cause some allergies.

    Do you still think nitrile gloves are toxic?

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