Are medical gloves Vinyl or latex good?
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Are medical gloves Vinyl or latex good?

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    Medical gloves can be divided into disposable sterilized latex gloves, disposable latex gloves (sterilization time) and disposable examination gloves.


    And reusable gloves according to the performance can be divided into: rubber oil resistant gloves (to contact various mineral oil, vegetable oil and aliphatic solvents when wearing gloves), resistant to acid and alkali gloves (wearing gloves) for contact with acid and alkali solution, dipping plastic gloves (used for waterproofing, detergent, dirt and minor mechanical damage, applies only to cleaners and similar type of work gloves).


    General medical surgical gloves are sterilized latex gloves, good toughness, flexibility, fit the skin; Inspection gloves are usually sterile latex, nitrile, or Vinyl gloves.


    Vinyl gloves are not as strong or as strong as latex gloves and cannot be used as surgical gloves, but can be used as examination gloves. And PVC gloves are cheaper than rubber gloves, and resistant to weak acid and weak base, used for medical examination is completely ok.

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