Why use biodegradable disposable gloves?
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Why use biodegradable disposable gloves?

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    Since most disposable plastic products are made of PE and Vinyl, they cannot be dissolved in nature and can only be solved by burial and incineration. As a result, soil layer, gas and water are polluted.

    Today, I'm going to tell you about biodegradable disposable gloves.

    The important raw material of degradable disposable gloves: Polylactic acid (PLA), polylactic acid (PLA), is an environment-friendly degradable raw material, using green plant resources from renewable resources (such as corn, potatoes, etc.).


    The cassava starch was obtained from corn and other green plants. After saccharified glucose water, high purity lactic acid bacteria were fermented from glucose water and certain bacterial seedlings, and finally a certain molecular weight of polylactic acid was generated.

    It then produces a wide variety of biodegradable products in a variety of processing plants

    PE, Vinyl and other common plastics are still treated by centralized incineration, which will cause a lot of vegetable greenhouses and harmful substances into the air. But biodegradable gloves, in the soil layer will slowly dissolve into carbon dioxide, water and other chemicals, directly into soil organic matter or be digested by green plants, into food crops nutrients, not at all environmental pollution.

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