Why pick the thickness of disposable gloves?
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Why pick the thickness of disposable gloves?

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1. Disposable gloves come in different thicknesses

2. The thinner the disposable medical gloves, the better. Thin gloves are more flexible.

Thin and flexible disposable gloves are ideal for delicate and sensitive operations such as medical care, dentistry, tattooing, mechanical watch repair, etc.

Degree of toughness: latex gloves > (better than) nitrile gloves.

Gusiie's nitrile gloves can be 0.05mm or thinner and can be customized in bulk for thickness and weight in grams.

3. Thickening of non-medical gloves:

It is suitable for industry, auto repair, horticulture, experiment and other applications requiring high physical and chemical protection.

Nitrile gloves are recommended. Try GUSIIE nitrile gloves with improved elasticity and puncture resistance.

4. Conventional non-medical gloves:

Suitable for general protective purposes

Nitrile gloves and Vinyl (powder free) gloves are recommended.

5.Remove two misunderstandings about disposable medical gloves:

For flexibility and sensitivity, disposable medical gloves are as thin as possible. This is different from the selection criteria of gloves for general and industrial purposes.

Disposable medical gloves are not limited to "medical use". In addition to hospitals, dental clinics, pharmacies and other medical Settings, disposable medical examination gloves are also commonly used for tattoo nails, precision machinery maintenance, precision electronics manufacturing, and laboratory tests.

6. Gloves of different thickness are suitable for different purposes. For some professional choice of disposable gloves, in addition to the thickness, glove weight is also a very important "thickness measurement standard".

Being one of the most professional suppliers of disposable gloves in China, we are devoted ourselves to the safe products and best service.



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