Why latex gloves have a smell?
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Why latex gloves have a smell?

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    It's not easy to choose a good pair of gloves. Gloves that look alike, but taste very different. As long as the gloves are qualified, they are either tasteless or have only a slight smell. But if you buy latex gloves that have a strong smell, it means, at the very least, that the gloves are contaminated or that the gloves themselves are substandard.


    1. When it comes to gloves, latex gloves are essential. The strong smell of latex is known to be unpleasant, and if gloves are made untreated, the smell contains some harmful ingredients.

    2. Use chlorine cleaning method to remove the powder on gloves, but if it is not properly handled, a large number of chlorine molecules will remain in the process of use. With the rise of friction temperature, the continuous loss of chlorine molecules will be promoted, and the strong smell will stay on your hands.

    3. Additives will be added in the production of gloves. If the gloves are not cleaned according to the standard before packaging, the chemical residues will exceed the standard, and the smell of such gloves is completely different.

    4. if you wear gloves for a long time, your hands often sweat, and then your body odor will continue to ferment in the gloves, when you take off the gloves, the taste will be stronger.

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