Why keep dogs and cats should wear disposable gloves?
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Why keep dogs and cats should wear disposable gloves?

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    Although dogs and cats are great fun, they carry potentially harmful bacteria and viruses that can enter the human body when they clean their cutlery, toys and clothing, bathe them, care for their hair, and clean up their excrement. Wearing disposable gloves can provide some protection and reduce the incidence of zoonotic diseases.

    Most cats and dogs are playful and active, and are easily contaminated with dirt and dust. Wearing disposable gloves when giving them daily care can help isolate this dirt.

At the same time, their nails are hard, when pruning, if they do not cooperate, wear disposable gloves, is equal to more than a "secret weapon", when they "resist", will not easily hurt the hand.


    It is worth mentioning that disposable gloves also have the advantage of being light and fit, which can keep hands comfortable and sensitive when nursing cats and dogs.

    These are the reasons why you should wear disposable gloves when raising cats and dogs. They can not only protect the skin of your hands, but also make it easier for you to take care of your cats and dogs.

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