Why is the elasticity of disposable latex gloves very good?
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Why is the elasticity of disposable latex gloves very good?

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    Originally, pure natural latex is a kind of crystalline vulcanized rubber, its content is generally spread in the middle of one hundred thousand to one hundred and eighty thousand, which is also a reason for the big difference in the price of latex gloves. The molecules in this molecular structure are arranged into a flexible network disk chain or carbon bond, constantly rotating and vibrating, so that the molecular chain is curled up, latex has incomparable elasticity.


    In other words, different well-known brands of latex gloves have different characteristics. In the range of 0~100℃, the rebound elasticity of latex can reach 70~80%, and the elastic elongation of high quality latex can reach 1000%. This is the reason why Zhenhui Da gloves are full of elasticity! When it is extended in the range of 350%, its resilience can reach 85%, that is, the consistent deformation is below 15%.

    In ancient history, vulcanized rubber gloves, which were first made, became loose or sticky when exposed to heat or sunlight, and the industrial use of latex gloves such as the golden version was lost for some time. In 1839, foreigners added sulfur powder and lead bismuth nitrate to latex, which not only solved the above problems, but also allowed it to maintain excellent elasticity. Then they invented rubber vulcanization, which clarified the unique practical value of latex for industrial production.

    Since then, pure natural latex has been applied on a large scale. In 1889, the first latex gloves came out, and then, we have a good elasticity, soft and comfortable, smooth and skin latex gloves.

    Although the gloves are good, the storage method should be appropriate

    To ensure that latex gloves provide excellent safety features, store them in a cool, dry, naturally ventilated environment, protected from excessive heat, sunlight, or direct exposure to fluorescent tubes and X-rays.


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