Why do you wear disposable gloves when eating crayfish?
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Why do you wear disposable gloves when eating crayfish?

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    Crayfish delicious is delicious, is every time after eating crayfish, the gloves off to find the hand full of oil, is very puzzled: he was wearing gloves, gloves did not break, why will continue to be stained with oil?

    Friends who observe carefully should all know that the gloves we use to eat crayfish are disposable PE gloves. These gloves are mainly made of high-pressure polyethylene, and the molecular structure gap of high-pressure polyethylene is generally larger than that of grease substances, which is equivalent to giving grease a safe passage through.

    Second, high pressure polyethylene has poor "protection" against similar-looking chemicals such as vegetable oil, which has little friction resistance when it passes through the safety tunnel, so it is not a problem for it to seep out to the other side of a disposable glove.



    People wear gloves not only to better prevent oil from seeping into their hands and fingernails, but also to better prevent leftover germs from getting into their mouths.The crayfish's sharp nose claws are hard and long, and it is very easy to cut their own hands, causing great damage. Because this wears one-time safety to protect glove is very must, but if you want two hands to be able to fight oil to be able to prevent germ already how should do?


    01, frequently change disposable PE gloves

In the case of eating crayfish, it can quickly remove and replace the new disposable PE gloves before the grease has infiltrated into the gloves.Can also be worn more multilayer disposable PE gloves, to increase oil infiltration path.Defect is a little bit fee gloves and very easy to aggravate "white trash", proposed appropriate when you guys used disposable PE gloves!


    02, choose disposable nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves have very good organic chemical safety protection features, including wear resistance, and nitrile gloves are biodegradable, compared to disposable PE gloves more environmental protection.

Nitrile gloves are non-toxic to the body and can be used in food enterprises. If you do not feel at ease, you can buy nitrile gloves, pay attention to check whether it is marked "food grade", if there is can be used to wear to eat crayfish.

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