Why do restaurants wear disposable nitrile gloves?
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Why do restaurants wear disposable nitrile gloves?

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    You may be mistaken in thinking that there is no great need for chefs to wear disposable nitrile gloves when cooking. Chefs wear disposable nitrile gloves, which can effectively prevent bacteria from invading their hands, or block bacteria outside their hands, to prevent bacteria from entering the food. Let customers eat at ease.

    Since 2015, bright kitchen and stove have been officially promoted nationwide, promoting catering service providers to publicize the processing process of catering food by adopting various forms such as perspective file (transparent glass window or glass curtain wall), video display, partition low wall, open kitchen or window setting, and putting the key parts and links of catering service under social supervision. Kitchen staff must wear gloves and other protective equipment. By the end of 2016, 902,600 catering service units had implemented bright kitchen stoves, an increase of 115 percent over the same period in 2015.

    Disposable nitrile gloves

    In addition, gloves minimize scratches on the chef's hands, reducing the chance of injury. Hotel food processing refers to the catering chefs cooking, preparing dishes, baking chefs performing the baking, and the preparation of the entire process. When customers eat, restaurant staff need to take food for customers, take skewers, take pies and so on. This combination of behaviors means that employees should wear disposable nitrile gloves, because you don't want to eat germs from other people's hands.

    Food and drug administration department said, catering service units on the one hand should consciously open the kitchen, accept social supervision; On the other hand, we should strengthen kitchen management and improve service quality. Wearing disposable nitrile gloves in the kitchen seems to have become a new industry rule in the catering industry!

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