Why do quarantine workers need to wear medical latex gloves after hand disinfection?
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Why do quarantine workers need to wear medical latex gloves after hand disinfection?

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    For a virus to spread, you need a host and a carrier. Every carrier of the virus is a host; And the saliva and droplets carrying the virus are the vectors. On the one hand, our hands can touch vectors (droplets that come into contact with the environment, or contaminated objects) and pick up live viruses, causing transmission. On the other hand, if we have the virus on our hands, when we pick our nose, rub our eyes, and eat, the hands with the virus will touch the mucous membranes on our bodies and complete the infection, so good hand hygiene is very important during the epidemic.


    Some may wonder why health care workers wear gloves when they already routinely disinfect their hands.

    This is because hand washing is a short action. Although proper hand washing can reduce 90% of the bacteria in the hands, the hands of medical staff are susceptible to the infection of transient bacteria. With each operation, the hands of medical staff, including nursing staff, may increase 100-1000 bacteria. A large number of data show that keeping hand hygiene is the most basic, simple and effective means to effectively prevent and control the spread of pathogens and reduce the incidence of nosocomial infection. In order to keep your hands clean for a long time, it is necessary to wear disposable gloves.


    Wearing disposable gloves can not only reduce patients' chances of getting infected with germs, but also ensure health care workers themselves. It can even be said that wearing gloves can reduce the chances of family members and friends of medical workers coming into contact with germs. Contact with the hands of health care workers, who pick up drug-resistant bacteria because they do not wear gloves, can cross-parasite bacteria from patient to patient, causing the spread of drug-resistant strains. And thus spread again from community to community (i.e., from contact to contact) through the transfer of a host patient. So, health care workers wear gloves mainly to protect patients, themselves and other contacts by preventing the spread of germs. Disposable gloves have a certain service life. In general, gloves need to be changed more than 90 minutes during surgery to prevent them from being damaged.

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