Why do nitrile gloves remember hand shapes?
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Why do nitrile gloves remember hand shapes?

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    The raw material of nitrile gloves is nitrile rubber,  mainly composed of butadiene and acrylonitrile, as a result of the existence of butadiene, makes nitrile a flexible material,so when people wear nitrile gloves, the gloves can be shaped with the temperature of the hand, and fit the hands perfectly.

    The function of remembering hand shape is as follows:It can produce certain changes with the bending of fingers in the process of operation. For example, it can produce corresponding creases at the bending parts of joints, reducing the force in the process of repeated bending of fingers and reducing the sense of fatigue of hands.The excellent function of it, provide the wearer with good experience,enabling people to keep their hands sensitive when carrying out delicate operations.

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