Why do natural latex gloves turn yellow?
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Why do natural latex gloves turn yellow?

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    1. Natural Latex because of its pure natural characteristics, encounter sweat, saliva and other liquid, will occur yellowing.

    Natural latex materials touch iodide ions and turn yellow. Whether contained in body fluids or in the human environment, such color changes are not harmful and have very little impact on the performance of gloves. And this kind of situation causes discoloration, the vast majority is the partial discoloration of the use position.


    2.Natural latex gloves will look pale yellow when washed by chlorine.

    At present, powder free gloves are mainly obtained by chlorine washing or polymer coating process. Gloves washed with chlorine turn yellow very easily.


    3. Long-term exposure of natural latex gloves to uv lamp sources. It is also easy to turn yellow in natural environment, such as higher than 30℃. Therefore, it is necessary to store natural latex gloves in a ventilated and dry place.

    After exposure to the sun, exposure to radiation of medium level. These gloves usually show abnormalities before they are applied. And there will continue to be brittle gloves. Sticky and so on other remind gloves quality change is closely related to the condition. In such cases, the performance of gloves has actually suffered so much damage that it is not recommended to use them.

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