Why do auto mechanics need to wear disposable gloves?
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Why do auto mechanics need to wear disposable gloves?

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    Nowadays, cars have gradually entered every household and become people's means of transportation.At the same time, the auto repair industry was growing by leaps and bounds,Many auto repairmen wear disposable gloves when operating. Do you know why?



    Why would a mechanics wear disposable gloves?

    There are many reasons why auto mechanics wear disposable gloves.

    First of all, repairing the car will inevitably come into contact with some harmful chemicals, such as car coolant, brake fluid, lubricating oil and so on. Put on the gloves, equals to the hands with a protective barrier, to reduce damage to the skin.

    Second, auto repair will inevitably make hands "black", is not easy to wash off. Gloves will keep your hands clean and tidy to a certain extent.

    In addition, the maintenance of cars involves small parts, so wearing disposable gloves will hardly affect the sensitivity and grip of hands.

    To sum up, disposable gloves provide a good wearing experience for auto repairers and can also protect their hands, which is why many auto repairers prefer to wear disposable gloves.

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