Why can't latex gloves protect against organic solvents?
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Why can't latex gloves protect against organic solvents?

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    We often use two kinds of gloves: one is the inside layer of gloves, the general characteristics are very thin, relatively soft, relatively close to the hand, the length of the wrist is generally not more than an inch, it is because of this to carry out the difference between large and medium size, because fingertips if there are too many soft gloves is really a disaster.


    Natural latex gloves: very good ductility, very close to the hand, common in the laboratory, no bacteria, it is likely to have skin allergy, some quality is not very good may drop dross. This kind of gloves basically only moisture-proof, food environmental contamination inspectors are inevitable, because too thin...... And vegetable oil is also very likely to dye the test product through natural latex. And in the pursuit of perfect softness, the inner latex gloves are very sensitive, some people wear the situation will shatter with a push.

    For the protection of laboratory reagents, natural latex gloves can be used in the practical operation of toluene, butanol, butyl acetate, and other organic chemical laboratory reagents, but alcohol is not strongly recommended.

    I think a single soluble organic solution and polymer soluble in organic solution is not strongly related, because many other polymers are single melt in organic solution. Natural latex gloves should not be used to protect against primary factors or are too thin or soft.


    Nitrile rubber gloves: very acid and alkali resistance, also very loose, not like natural latex is very easy to cause skin allergy, less dregs. The physical properties are relatively stable, and a little thicker is likely to have a certain protective effect, which is commonly seen in the microelectronics technology clean test.

    Chemical resistive glove has properties as follows: A right hand and a left hand are practically unmistakable; The more thick; No doubt the wrist, up to the elbow joint; More expensive and therefore almost certainly recycled; After use must be cleaned, both inside and outside need to be washed, because all compounds will be more spread into the gloves, not clean light will speed up embrittlement, heavy is immediate environmental pollution.

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